FLEXOL Packaging (India) Limited (A Subsidiary of TVS Logistics Services Limited)

We Deliver Smart Packaging Solutions for Supply Chain Efficacy, Enabling Fast, Safe and Secure Movement of Customer Items from Point of Origin (POO) to Point of Use (POU) across India. FLEXOL IT Solution uses Bar Code/QR Code, RFID/RTLS and GPS Technologies for Real Time Visibility and Shrinkage Minimization.


FLEXOL’s Solutions Include


    FLEXOL complements industry’s existing packaging infrastructure with consulting for Right-fit Design, Packing Process Design, Supply of Packing Materials & Trained Manpower for Onsite Packing covering SKD/CKD, Heavy Engineering Items, Spare Parts and Supply of Ex-Pack boxes, Pallets, Pallet Collars, Crates and Over Dimension Boxes with Bar Code / QR Code Technology for Integrity and e-Manifest.

    FLEXOL rents variety of RFID tagged Foldable Metal & Plastic Containers for Transportation & Storage with suitable Internal Dunnage. FLEXOL delivers these items at Customer Defined Sources (POO = Supplier, Hub, Warehouse) & collects at Customer Defined Destinations (POU = OEM, Hub, Warehouse) across India.

    FLEXOL manages Customer’s packing assets like Containers, Stillages & Pallets with PAN India Collection & Delivery capability. Customer Items are tagged, picked, packed, shipped and tracked on real time basis with add-on capability to service(Repair, Clean, Calibrate & Retrofit) for Asset Upkeep.

Our Journey (Since 2010)

  • Born on 14 June 2010
  • Foldable Plastic and Metal Container Introduced
  • 3 Marque Customers Signed Off
  • FLEX-TRK Application Rolled Out
  • Q on Q Growth
  • Export Packing Excellence
  • TVS Logistics Strategic Investment
  • Customer Base Widened
  • Q on Q Growth
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Significant Contract from Global Auto OEM
  • Focus on Solutions Design and Delivery
  • Q on Q Growth
  • Diversified to Heavy Engineering
  • Key Milestone Crossed in Export Packing and Kitting Program
  • New Solutions Offering – using Nailless Box, Pallet Collar, Bottom Pallets and Crates
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Several Marque Customers Added
  • FLEX-TRK Application Rolled out for Additional Functionality

We are Marching Towards

  • Strategic SupportTo customers in packaging solutions design, lower supply chain capex investment, scalability and long term commitment
  • Operational Excellence supportDelivering packaging solutions (material, manpower) on time and relief from mundane activities like scrap management, EHS & cleaning
  • Overall Peace of MindTo all customers through effective manufacturing of packing materials and timely delivery
  • Greener Supply Chain To create an eco-friendly supply chain and to reduce consumption of woods through design and advanced manufacturing

We Add Value to Our Customers Through

  • stlab Design, Estimation, Execution and Technology Competency
    • Industry Standard Software Design Tools
    • Process Oriented BOM Generation and Cost / Effort Estimation
    • Commit and Deliver as per Customer-defined Timelines
    • Leveraging Bar Code/QR Code/RFID/RTLS Technologies
  • stlab Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Best Negotiated Rates on Inputs for Optimal Pricing
    • Engineering Based Tolerances and Wastage
    • Continuous Value Engineering
    • Customer-engaged CAPA Programs
  • stlab Customer-Centric Professional Approach
      • Integrity with Material Planned / Used
      • Long Term Relationship on Business Basis
      • Skilled Professionals with Prior Experience from Valued Corporations
      • Ethical Business Practices
  • stlab Total Quality Management
    • Standardized Products, Processes and Metrics
    • 360-degree Approach Towards Integrated Quality
    • First in Innovative Concepts like Metal Containers Suitable for Indian Trucks, EPC Standard and RFID Numbering
    • Auto Pilot Processes to Required Extent and Exception Based Management


We really thank u for supporting us, for completing our July month sales without any packing delay, Good ramp up and manpower support, please continue the same.

Sabarathinam KUMARAPPAN, Alstom Grid | Asst Manager-FK Production  

We appreciate your excellent support extended to us for the year 2014-15. Especially in the end of march month you have given tremendous support at last minute invoicing. Some of the machinery packing was not in your schedule, but based on our request you guys have executed seamless work, due to which we have come out from the traffic pressure of invoicing. We look forward for your same support extended for the year 2015-2016 as well.

Krishna Prasun, L&T , Chennai

Hereby we would like to register our congratulations and sincere thanks for all your hard efforts and advanced planning for us to achieve our year 2014-15 sales. Moreover in a short time process of packing, FK business has been well established through your sincere re-engineering activities and so far we don't have any complaints on your workmanship. We urge you to continue the same efforts in existing proven packing models and to capture rest of the products too in 3 months time as discussed last week at Alstom.

Kandasamy Rajagopalan, DGM Operations CHT Padappai