Customer Packing Asset Management

Customers’ Packing Asset Management Solutions

  • FLEXOL manages Customer’s packing assets like Containers, Stillages & Pallets with PAN India Collection & Delivery capability. Customer Items are tagged, picked, packed, shipped and tracked on real time basis with add-on capability to service(Repair, Clean, Calibrate & Retrofit) for Asset Upkeep.
  • Having handled over 10000 Assets, our team is highly skilled at developing and implementing comprehensive asset management programs to maximize the use of assets within our customer’s supply chains. From metal to plastic assets/containers our efficiency in handling such items has proven to reduce costs, increase revenue and operational efficiencies for our customers
  • What we do?

    – Tagging UID of Assets
    – Asset Sort/Segregation
    – Asset Repair & Inspection
    – Pooled Asset Returns, Administration and Compliance
    – Providing Business Intelligence Services for Better Decision Making
  • Key Benefits

    – Reducing Return Management Cost
    – Improving Customer Experience
    – Avoiding Channel Conflicts
    – Minimizing Asset Shrinkage
    – Customer Logo


  • Partnered with Leading Logistics Service Providers (Last mile reach included for Pick up of Assets)
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