CKD / SKD Packing Solution

CKD/SKD Packing

  • System Driven Picking, Packing & Stuffing Process Management
  • Less Manpower & Speedy Packing
  • Accuracy & Consistency in data & documentation
  • Parts Tracking (By Containers, By Case, By Part etc..)
  • Global Standard in Packing

Our Capabilities in CKD/SKD Packing Solutions

    • Managing & Packing Various Versions of Customers Bill of Material of same or different vehicle models for Packin
    • Time Bounded & System Driven Packing Process for faster packing & Improved Predictability on Packing activities
    • Experience in packaging design & pre-implementation testing of packaging products
    • Experience in Packing over 3000 Trucks or 2 Million Parts and Managing Over 600 Sub assemblies
    • System Based Tagging, Packing, Sorting for Stuffing & Error Free Tracking of Parts in Containers
    • Avoid Shipping Wrong or Excess Quantities using FLEX-TRK system by Instant history & weight of the parts
    • No Carpenters and Limited Technical & Non Technical Resource for Packing due to Process automation
    • Auto Reporting of Shop Floor activities on each stages like, receiving, pre packing, completion, waiting or stuffing status etc
    • End-User de-stuffing & line feeding Integration in Packing
    • Overall Improved Handling & Safety

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