Container & Pallet Pooling

Container and Pallet Pooling Solutions

  • FLEXOL rents variety of RFID tagged Foldable Metal & Plastic Containers for Transportation & Storage with suitable Internal Dunnage. FLEXOL delivers these items at Customer Defined Sources (POO = Supplier, Hub, Warehouse) & collects at Customer Defined Destinations (POU = OEM, Hub, Warehouse) across India.
  • FLEXOL’s Pricing model strives for Simplicity & Definitive-ness. Customer’s pay for usage:
    – Trip based billing (Fixed days per Origin-Destination pair & add-on charges beyond grace)
    – Period based billing (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly)

Products – Pooling Solutions

  • Foldable Metal Container– FMC1010 (1000X1000X850 mm)
    – FMC1012 (1200X1000X850 mm)
    – Dynamic Load: 1.5 Tons
    – Stacking Load: 4 Tons
    – Stacking on Truck: 1+1
    – Self Weight: 100 Kg
  • Foldable Large Container– FLC1012 (1200X1000X863 mm)
    – FLC1012-9 (1200X1000X975 mm)
    – FLC1012-1 (1200X1000X1000 mm)
    – Dynamic Load: 1.5 Tons
    – Stacking Load: 4 Tons
    – Stacking on Truck: 1+1
  • Foldable Plastic Container– FPC6040 (600X400 mm Series)
    – FPC4030 (400X300 mm Series)
    – FLC1012-1 (1200X1000X1000 mm)
    – Dynamic Load: 25 Kg
    – Stacking Load: 125 Kg
    – Self Weight: 2.2 to 3.0 Kg
  • Pallet Collar– PC1012 (1200X1000X1150 mm)
    – PC8012 (1200X800X950 mm)
    Perimeter Pallet– WP1012 (1200X1000X150 mm)
    – WP8012 (1200X800X150 mm)

Our Capabilities in Container and Pallet Pooling Solutions

  • Returnable Containers & Pallets from Point A to Point B using Foldable Metal & Plastic Assets on Rental Model within India on “Hot, Bi-directional load” routes
  • Re-usable Eco Wood Clip boxes on Rental Model within India (Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D….) on “Single direction load” routes
  • Pre Implementation Packing Design & Network testing for Assured results
  • Cost Effective solutions based on Item, Destination & Customer requirements
  • Items in Container + Truck Location Visibility in Real time for Information management
pdfIconDownload the Container Pooling Solutions Brochure pdfIconDownload the Pallet Pooling Solutions Brochure

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