Supply of Packing Material

Contract Packaging Solutions

  • FLEXOL complements industry’s existing packaging infrastructure with consulting for Right-fit Design, Packing Process Design, Supply of Packing Materials & Trained Manpower for Onsite Packing covering SKD/CKD, Heavy Engineering Items, Spare Parts and Supply of Ex-Pack boxes, Pallets, Pallet Collars, Crates and Over Dimension Boxes with Bar Code / QR Code Technology for Integrity and e-Manifest.
  • End to End Accountability with Control Tower Concept
  • Right-fit packing Designs & Material supply for better efficiency, handling, safety & cost
  • Barcode/ QR Code Tagging of all items, Auto generation of Master and Baby box Manifest, Container Stuffing Layout design & Container e-Manifest
  • Automated process control Software that enables high speed authentication on Excess/ Short/Packed/Not Packed lists generation
  • Multi Skilled Manpower augmentation for Pick, Pack, Stuff & Track

Our Capabilities in Contract Packaging Solutions

    • Knowledge on latest & most packing material & methods for best outcome
    • Knowledge across Multiple Industry domains to cross-pollinate Solution design (Wood, Steel, Carton, Forming etc..)
    • In house Design capabilities including Pre Implementation testing
    • Packing Process automation experience for faster packing & Accuracy
    • Supply of trained manpower for improved handling
    • Bar Code/QR Code Technology leverage for Pick & Pack, Container Stuffing and Packing Manifest handling (e-Manifests that are accessible thro web globally)
    • Hands on experience in handling Sensitive as well as Heavy duty Parts

Our Contract Packaging Solutions Includes

    • Container Safe Cargo
    • Securing Cargo
    • Corrosion Prevention
    • Moisture Prevention
    • Bulk Transport
    • Product Cushioning
    • Long Term Open Storage Packing
  • Our Team Includes

    Customer Support Manager, Floor Supervisors, Stuffing Analyst, Human Resource Support Carpenter, Fork Lift Driver & Packaging executives, Handling equipment experts, Design & Material Experts.

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