PALLETS – Key Features

  • Depending on the Cargo Specifications and the Type of Transportation/Storage, Pallet can be designed and constructed for suitability
  • Flexiblity in production for custom dimensions and type of materials such as Planks, Beams, Plywood, OSB, Pressed cubes, and Others
  • ISMP 15: Stringer Boards, Planks are well Heat Treated as per Global Standards

Pallet Classifications

    • Size: Standard / Custom
    • Class: Stringer, Block
    • Use Category: Multiple Use, Limited Use
    • Pallet Style: Single Face, Double Face – Non Reversible, Double Face – Reversible
    • Stringer Class Deck Construction: Deck Board, Panel Base
    • Block Type: Press Wood, Pine Wood, Plywood
    • Block Class Deck Construction: Panel Base, Perimeter Base, Overlap Base, Unidirectional Base
    • Deck Style: Flush, Single Wing, Double Wing
    • Stringer Board Style: Flush, Single Cantilever, Double Cantilever
    • Entry Type: 2 Way, Partial 4 Way and Full Way
    • Lumber Type: Pinewood / Hardwood / Plywood


  • Trimming, Rounding, Drilling and other Modifications to Improve the Functionality of Pallets as per the Requirements


  • Painted Pallet with Customer Logo’s help Identify, Register and Organize products in locations

Standard Dimensions

  • ExPack Note: All dimensions are in inches and Weight in Kg | Custom Sizes are made as per requirement
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